The most expensive Barbie unveiled

Barbie’s were an integral part of a girl’s childhood. Each and every girl dreamt of owning one, dressing it up, giving it different hairstyles and accessories. Now Barbie has got one accessory that is really really expensive. Don’t worry; the Barbie is still the same. But the rare pink diamond necklace that is now accompanying a Barbie has shot up this pieces price. Designed by Stephen Cantur, this beautiful pink necklace adorns the doll’s slender neck.

With this necklace priced at $550,000, this Barbie has become the most expensive Barbie till date. It sure will be some filthy rich kid who gets to play with this doll. Otherwise there is always a museum where the beauty could be admired by everyone.

The Barbie has become a global brand and has earned millions if not billions by making these plastic dolls. The marketing sure has worked. The origins of this doll go way back in the 50s when a Mattel founder’s wife saw her daughter playing with a doll. She realized that children assign adult personas to the dolls. Hence the idea emerged of creating Barbie. Then on March 9, 1959, the first Barbie came out and soon became a part of every little girl’s dream.

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