The Hospitality Seats for the 2012 Olympic Games to be Most Expensive Ever

The 2012 Olympic Games are not that far away now. The preparations are racing ahead to ensure an exciting experience for the visitors. But it is going to cost a lot of money. The Mail reported on Sunday that the official Prestige tickets for the 2012 Games which will include food and drink as well as a seat will be priced at a steep £4,500 per person for many Games events.

That is not the end of the story because the twist in the tail is that you cannot buy a single ticket but it has to be bought in blocks of ten. Firms or individuals who want to watch the 2012 opening or closing ceremonies with hospitality must pay at least £270,000, because seats for other events must be bought at the same time. All this hasn’t been announced officially for the public but seems very plausible if you see the trend of pricing of tickets for sporting events.

This year’s Champions League final at Wembley, where prices for the public start at £150 plus a £26 booking fee. The top hospitality seats for the 2011 Super Bowl in Texas have been priced at $9,000 (or £5,545) each and holds the record for the most expensive seat for a sporting event. The Games organizers, LOCOG, justify the prices by saying a levy will help subsidize free tickets for schoolchildren. For every prestige ticket sold, a £25 levy will be applied to fund children’s tickets.

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