The Gibbs Quadski Capable of Same Level of Performance on Water as on Land

The vehicle seems to have been designed with the suave British secret agent James Bond in mind. The Quadski designed and produced by GIBBS offers the best in High Speed Amphibian (HSA) Technology. You can very well imagine James Bond playing in the water with the Bond beauties and going after the bad guys at 45 mph at the switch of a button. A somewhat large ski with two hidden wheels has been designed to reach the top speed of 45 mph both on land and water. The transition process has been simplified and can be activated at the switch of a button. The transition period is also very short at only four seconds.

It is Powered by a BMW Motorrad K1300 Engine

The Gibbs Quadski has been designed primarily for fun but the technology involved is pretty serious which makes it capable of performance which is unmatched by any other vehicle. The Quadski is powered by a BMW Motorrad K1300 engine that ensures the same level of performance in the water or on land. As you get into the water the wheels of the Quadski can be retracted at the push of a button and you can continue enjoying the same level of performance in water as you did outside. And it is not a mere concept anymore but a vehicle that is ready to go on sale very soon.

Gibbs Has Patented the High Speed Amphibian (HSA) Technology

Similarly when you want to get out of the water and as you approach land the wheels can be deployed again with the flick of a button and you can continue riding the vehicle on the ground at the same speed. GIBBS has patented the High Speed Amphibian (HSA) Technology that makes the Quadski capable of unique performance on water. Normally all the sports amphibian vehicles that have become commercially available have a top speed of 10 mph or less on water. The GIBBS Quadski has raised the bar dramatically and set new standards in flexibility, freedom and fun. And since it is the best in its category it is the priciest as well. The commercial sale of the vehicle is scheduled to start in November with a price tag of $40,000.

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