The Camaieu Rouge Timepiece by Angular Momentum is an Object of Art

Angular Momentum of Switzerland is an independent manufacturer whose timepieces are individual works of art. Founded in 1998 they devote themselves fully to the detailed beauty of the watch and transform a simple wrist watch into a precious object of art. They use both, traditional as well as contemporary techniques to create beautiful objects that are stunning. They use hand engraving and relief works in silver, gold, mother of pearl, camel bone, tortoiseshell, porcelain and as an exclusivity engraving and guilloche work on Japan lacquer.

Camaieu painting technique has also been used by them with great effect. Camaieu was originally used in miniature paintings to simulate cameos. Angular Momentum‘s “Camaieu Rouge” miniature paintings are monochromatically executed in organic carmine red lake pigments, natural Ivory black and gold leaf. The Camaieu Rouge Timepiece has an 18 Kt red gold case. The highlight of the watch is the Verre Èglomisè miniature of Allegories after oil paintings from the 17th and 18th century executed on the reverse of the 32,400 ct. sapphire crystal.

The Camaieu Rouge Timepiece displays time on a Revolving Hour-Disk “à Souscription”, which is a patented technology. It allows Angular Momentum to create beautiful miniature paintings without the disturbing hour and minute hands.  The time can then be read through one or more apertures or windows. Apart from the Angular Momentum in Switzerland, the exclusive timepiece is available at an exclusive network of high-end jewelers and boutiques in various countries.

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