The $71k worth Red and Blue Chair is Made up of LEGO Bricks

Being a Mari fan if somebody would have asked me to pay $71,000 for a king-size Super Mario figurine, I would have probably traded everything in my closet for it. But that kind of humungous amount for a Red and Blue LEGO chair seems to be insane unless the chair doubles into a spaceship.

Probably somebody with a fetish for LEGO bricks would go for this one. I know there isn’t any gold construction or Swarovski crystals here. So why such a big price tag here? This chair is actually a replica of the iconic Red and Blue chair by Gerrit Rietve seated at UNESCO World Heritage Site. The maker was a Dutch furniture designer and architect, and also one of the principle members of the Dutch artistic movement called De Stijl. The copyright laws prevented the mass production of the Lego flavor of this chair. It is created by designer Mario Minale.

I have seen many Lego creations in the past but this one surely steals the show. This is because an iconic piece of furniture has been neatly done in small Lego bricks here. I so love the element of detailing here.

Via: Chipchick

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