Telsa to Launch Zero Emission Luxury Car in 2013

Telsa is the only car that delivers a supercar performance with zero emissions. Company’s chief executive gave assurances that just because two engineers left the company, the production and sale of the electric Model S sedan won’t be halted.  Tesla’s chief executive officer, Elon Musk is confident of delivering 20,000 cars by 2013. Tesla has received $465 million to begin the production of luxury car, Model S at Fremont by midyear in California. The company says the sedan has the capacity of going up to 300 miles per charge. The electric vehicles are still in the developmental stages. The Model S is Tesla’s second vehicle.


The factory is situated in Fremont near Silicon Valley of Northern California. With the talent of traditional automotive engineering and the engineering talent of Silicon Valley give them enough room to expand. Tesla’s main goal is to manufacture low cost price electric cars for buyers. Tesla has already delivered thousands of Roadsters in North America, Europe and Asia to the customers. The Tesla Roadster is faster than many sports cars yet creates no emissions.

California-based, Telsa motors were the first of all to hit with battery powered roadster in Hong Kong roads.  Tesla Motors electric sports cars are going to public very shortly. The Tesla Roadster is the only electric supercar. Tesla, represents a revolution in transportation system as America’s attraction for petrol, Telsa electric cars offers an important solution for the nation. The hand-built, Roadster delivers zero emission performance. The sports car can be charged with the energy of wind, hydro and solar.



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