Terelj Hotel: A Blend of Modern Technical Expertise and Traditional Arts

Terelj Hotel, a distinct Mongolian styled boutique offers peace and quiet atmosphere, is located on Gorkhi-Terelj National Park’s borders, on the bank of Terelj river. The hotel comes with a blend of modern sophistication and tradition, in the beautiful nature’s surroundings of pine tree spreading all over the mountain and grass field with edelweiss. The hotel has a fitness centre, indoor pool, spa, and a library, also a rranges pleasure trips, having cultural background.

21st century inspiration has not replaced traditional practice of arts, and on the contrary, benefits of combination are immortalized. The design of the hotel reflects both in mouldings and inlay floors of marble blending with antique furnishing with sculptures, paintings of regional artists ,and they use a yurt to fill sufficient camel hair, cashmere, and silks.

Being multicultural, the restaurants serve both international and Mongolian cuisine.  You can visit national park uninhabited in its natural condition. You can enjoy the barbeque lunch in its authenticity. Then you return to the hotel to indulge in the Asian-inspired spa where you get massages for relaxation and exotic beauty treatment, Jacuzzi, swimming pool.

The activities like horse riding, skating rink, fishing, hiking, bird watching make you remember the fun and adventure involved with them. The hotel is well equipped with modern amenities offers executive room, superior room, family suite, and Presidential Suite can be booked online.

Via: SLN


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