Tassimo’s BrewBot Brings the Barista In You to Life

The new brewing device, Tassimo T65 Single Serve Coffee Maker has been introduced by Tassimo with a new name “BrewBot”. The new machine with its advanced techniques can brew more than seven different kinds of drinking liquids such as coffee creams, coffees, hot chocolates, cappuccinos, etc just by pushing a button.

You will get a cup of your customized drink which you could relax and sip.  There is not much of a difference from the previous T-45 and the new Brewbots sold in the market. The two features of the new machine are its LCD display and the illuminated cup stand.

The LCD display gives the precise direction and instructions as to what needs to be done in the process of preparing beverages. The same procedure has to be followed as you did in earlier model. Thanks to its bar code technology, it enables you to prepare much preferred beverages in perfect fashion.

The new model’s one more feature is it’s water filtration system. It is priced $199 and is currently available on line retailers are such as CoffeeWiz.com and Amazon.

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