Swaramadhuri: Sensuous and sexy sari draped with a musical overtone!

There are very few types of attire on the planet, if any, which give a woman as sexy and attractive look as the Indian sari and with its millions of variants in alluring patterns and colors. This wonderful garment might take a bit of time to getting used to, but once you get around the art of draping one, the grand style it offers can be indeed addictive. Designer P Mohan has added a whole new dimension to this fabulous garment by integrating music into its fiber. The singing ‘Swaramadhuri’ collection of saris has integrated eight micro-speakers tucked in its border that has the capacity to play 200 songs for four hours at a stretch.

All these tunes are played by an iPod that is neatly and elegantly tucked away without ever looking ungainly or even adding extra-weight that might make you uncomfortable. Designed not just to for the grand occasion, the sari not only is a delight for those who wear it, but everyone around.

The 2-GB memory card inside would allow you to sufficiently load all your favorite tunes and while one can become the walking sensation with the Swaramadhuri, you could also try the ‘Lighting Sari’ designed by Mohan earlier. That right, LED lights integrated in a sari! And if all this is too extravagant for you, then just try the essence of sandalwood sari… Plenty of options indeed!

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