Steuben Offers a Whole Range of Great Gift Items

The Valentines’ Day is coming up and we have been recommending all kinds of gifts for you. This piece of gift is for those who love showpieces. Steuben has always brought out amazing pieces that please the eyes and their Infinite Love souvenir piece will please the heart as well. This heart shaped piece has two swans facing each other in the centre, the swans representing undying love. This image of two swans has become a recurring one signifying love.

This is probably because they are one of few creatures in the animal world who stick to one mate all their life. Hence the association with loyal and undying love. Made from crystal glass, the piece also has an 18ct rose gold heart in between the two very regal-looking copper-wheel engraved swans. This Eric Hilton designed gift comes for $4,700, which not be under everyone budget.

But it definitely will be a lovely and symbolic gift for your loved one. You can infact check the Steuben website and take a look at the other products that they have to offer. If not this then you might find other items that might make a better gift for this Valentine’s Day or any other occasion for that matter.

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