Stationary Epicycle by Ciclotte Costs $12,000

Many people have tried already different ways of exercise to reduce weight like jogging, swimming, aerobic, yoga and many more. You can add one more in your list of exercise if you relish cycling. If you don’t like outdoor exercises in the sun, you could start with your indoor cycle. With home comforts, watching TV without worrying about weather conditions you could do your daily exercise. With better technology, better exercise solution will be emerged to burn your calories without much risk to the body. If you want to look good, you must work out with this weird looking bike. Epicycle might be the influence of unicycle which was built in the late 19th century.

The latest exercise equipment called Stationary Epicycle from Ciclotte has hit the market. The cycle weighs about fifty Kgs. The handles are of carbon fiber and cushioned Alacantra saddle is easy to use as well as has a fancy look. The workout device depends on the epicycle transmission and resistance of the magnet to provide workouts. The dual-satellite transmission causes one revolution of the pedal of epicycle which is converted into four rotation of the flywheel which would make the rim of the cycle to engage in the activity. The diameter of the cooper rim is thirty six inches with installed six magnets. All these part together forms a magnetic field which results in twelve levels of resistance which is controlled by a touch screen display.

The machine supports unto two hundred and eighty five pounds of a rider with its sturdy steel frame ensuring stability during workouts of bike. Once in a month you could plug into AC mains to recharge batteries which would power the touch screen display. It is priced at $12,000.

Via: Geekygadgets


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