Space tourism getting cheaper!

Space tourism is really picking up these days. The prices remain quite steep, but hints of competition are quickly bringing down prices. two major companies have come up in the space tourism business: Virgin Galactic and Space Adventures.
Virgin Galactic till now had been offering flights in their sub orbital cruiser at $200,000 per person. They recently had their rocket ship pass its first battery of captive-carry flights. In this, a smaller vehicle flew while being strapped to the bac of a larger mothership.In the future, the smaller cruiser will be launched into space.
The other company has now come up with something which is nearer to be called as affordable and hence more marketable to consumers. Space Adventures has come out with a tentative consumer space travel package. In this space tourists will be put on a vertically launched vehicle and propelled 62 miles above the ground.  Once the space vehicle reaches that height, its engines will shut down and passengers will be able to float weightless in zero G for about five minutes. While enjoying that wonderful feeling of floating in the air, they will also be able to see the earth from such a distance.The vehicle to enable this feat is being developed by Armadillo Aerospace.
This ride will come at a cost of about $102,000. Hopefully, this price will go on declining and one day it might just become a favourite picnic plan!

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