Sotheby’s to Auction 18L Bottle of 2006 Chateau Cheval Blanc: Giant rarity up for grabs!

How about adding to your collection a rare and enormous piece of intoxicating beauty that is sure to become the conversation piece for the rest of your life? Sounds a pretty decent deal, does it not? Sotheby’s is providing you with a deal that is not just decent, but rare as hell and only comes your way once in a decade or two; maybe even rarer. The famous auction firm is all set to auction off an 18L bottle of 2006 Chateau Cheval Blanc that will surely please each and every wine connoisseur across the globe.

Measuring 75cm tall and weighting in at 25 kg and holds more than 144 glasses of wine, this rare piece is not just renowned because of its unique size but also the hard to get Bordeaux variety. While the auction is set to go off soon, for now Sotheby’s is displaying the very special bottle for the world to watch; in an obvious attempt to attract bids as giant as the bottle itself.

The bidding is expected to go for upwards of £3,600 and for those willing to take a plunge into it, Sotheby’s is also presenting its Finest and Rarest Wines and Vintage Port offerings.

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