Soozar Mannequins Now Becoming The Foremost Choice Of Luxury Retail Brands

Susan Heffernan, the founder of Soozar, has for a long time been in the business of designing of life size mannequins and other products, that are developed specifically for luxury retail shops. After spending six years with some of the most renowned names in the luxury fashion industry such as Miu Miu and Montblanc, Ms. Heffernan is now rapidly progressing in her endeavor, as more and more international brands are approaching, Soozar, for an assortment of accessories for their retail shops, such as coat hangers, carpets, sofas, shelves etc. The one factor that makes Soozar stand above the designers of high end brands, it its ability to bring to life the technical concepts. While the luxury brands have their own set of designers who are more than capable of making the brands’ retail shops more appealing, Soozar is able to bring their concepts to practical and physical products.

To maintain the quality of one of its signature products, the mannequins, Soozar, uses the highest quality raw materials for its products. These ingredients such as fiberglass and solid wood are then fused with the artistic creativity of Soozar designers, thus bring out the very essence for which a mannequin has been built. Soozar is based in Shanghai, China and Susan Heffernan expresses her optimism in the growth of the mannequin industry in China, due to the fact that, though visual merchandizing is relatively new to the mainland, yet it has started to embrace this form of western showcasing. As per her views, China in the last five years has grown exponentially in terms of foreign market exposure and major luxury brands are now scrambling their own retail stores, instead of outsourcing their franchises to domestic distributors.

According to Susan Heffernan,

“China is a production-based country, so why are we producing retail display goods in Europe and sending the goods back to China?’ I heard a story where a company had their display production in Europe. But they’re probably sourcing the materials from China, assembling them in Europe and then sending the goods back to distribute them in their Chinese stores. It’s inefficient, but that’s the way large organizations have been set-up, and trying to break the old procedure to let people buy directly from China means they need to change their processes and systems.”

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