Soliloquy: The World’s First Carbon Neutral Super Yacht

Most billionaires feel the need to own a super yacht. However, they also know that the yachts leave carbon prints that are environmentally dangerous. Now, such billionaires can relax as here us the first zero-carbon super yacht, which would help them to relax in peace.

Alistair Callender, from Chichester in West Sussex, is all of 24 years and has designed the world’s first carbon-neutral super-yacht. It would be an amazing thing if the 58-metre-long boat is easily available and if more people can afford it.

It is not clear if the yacht would be available anytime soon but considering how good it would do to billionaires’ PR, they sure would encourage a yacht like this. The yacht would be called Soliloquy and would run on solar panels and other forms of green fuel. It also makes sure that the marine life is not affected and the ocean remains clean and healthy.

It becomes the responsibility of the rich to take care of the world when they are the ones who destroy it too. However the poor destroy as well, but do not really do anything about the environmental degradation. Thus, those who have the money must make sure they do something for the betterment of our environment.

Via: The Guardian

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