Snuffles: Ultra-cute $ 10,000 teddy sports a cool 10-carat diamond necklace!

Valentine’s Day might have just passed us, but that by no way means that you cannot still buy your loved one a cute and extremely adorable teddy. Especially when it is worth a good $ 10,000! That’s right, this adorable and huggable one is named Snuffles and currently on display at the Gund booth at the American International Toy Fair in New York, this surely made heads spin and grabbed all the attention at the fair. So what makes Snuffles so valuable?

Well, Snuffles just happens to be sporting a 10-carat diamond necklace with a white gold chain that automatically makes it the leader of the ‘bling-chain gang’. If that is not a reason enough for you to love him, then the fact that it is crafted from white alpaca fur and has black Tahitian pearls for eyes should firmly ensure that you are lost in its magic. More than the chain, we assume that it’s the ‘pearly-eyed’ look that has everyone floored.

So who exactly took home Mr. Snuffles along with all that bling? Apparently no one has yet staked claim on this as the chain adored by him would first go on a tour across US (along with him, hopefully) and then would be auctioned off… Guess its time for the cute bear to hit the road!