Sky Writers: An Attractive Way to Advertise Way Above

If you run a business or own a company, you might have always wondered which could be the best way to advertise for a short period of time and still make the impression that you so desire. Well, you do not have to worry anymore for here is the sky writing campaign which is made available to one and all who wishes to advertise their products or services.

is a company which undertakes sky writing ad campaign with the help of 5 aircrafts that fly around a certain venue and write informational ads that are 5 miles long each.

The “ink” that is used to write this ad is bio-degradable vapour. The ads would be visible within a radius of 15 miles and you could get them to do this in any city, country or state. It would be just right to advertise about a certain service to a specific target audience congregated at a particular area.

Examples include rock concerts and music festivals, or even sporting events where you could advertise about your product or service and decide the kind of target audience you want. It is a patented service that surely will do the trick anyway. If you would like to know more about Sky Writers services, you .

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