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Six of the Most Impressive Sustainable Island Resorts

Tropical island resorts seem to make the perfect destinations for getaways. But very often they have been blamed to be harmful to the very environment that makes them popular with the luxury adventure travelers. But the awareness about eco friendly initiatives has been on the rise. Architects all over the world have created some of the most amazing getaways that combine sustainability, luxury and adventure and the discerning travelers have given them the thumbs up. We bring here for you six of the most attractive, innovative and sustainable island resorts from around the world.

Resorts World Sentosa is the brain child of Michael Graves. This brilliant eco resort is spread over 121 acres on an island just off the coast of Singapore. No corners have been cut in this resort and it ensures extravagant fun for the guests. The resort boasts of six hotels, a casino, a convention center, a waterfront auditorium, a spa, a marina, an animal park, retail and restaurants. The features that make the complex sustainable are the photovoltaic systems that provide power and the green roofs that insulate the buildings in order to save energy.

In a marine reserve in Fiji, just outside the town of Savusavu is the extraordinary Jean Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort. Located on a peninsula the resort offers the opportunity for some exhilarating diving and snorkeling. Built in the traditional Fijian style the resort has its own organic garden. The resort is committed to restoring the eco-system in the surrounding areas. They also have plans for creating a foundation that would become a vehicle for giving back to the local people.

Bahamas Star Island boasts of a five star resort which is surely amongst the most luxurious resorts in the world. But what makes it unique is that it is entirely self sufficient as the promoters had promised when it was planned. Solar, wind and micro-hydro generators produce all the power required by the resort. The resort offers diving, tennis and shore-side cocktails, but what impresses the guests the most is the sustainability of such a vast and luxurious resort.

Six Senses Resort located on Vietnam’s Con Dao Island, is the perfect combination of eco-consciousness and lavish luxury. The prestigious project was designed by Reda Amalou and AW² Architecture which won them an award and was also honored by World Tourism Organization, Green Globe 21. The design ensures that the resort’s requirement of energy is very low. The timber frames used for constructing the suites, villas and restaurants are sustainable and establish the resort as a green resort.

Slovenian architect studio OFIS were given a 25 year lease of a set of four islands by the Maldivian Government and commissioned to develop them into tropical eco- resorts. It has been visualized as a self sustaining project that should showcase the cultural and ecological authenticity of the local area. The five star resort that will come up will provide accommodation to around 100 guests in bungalows and villas. The remarkable law of the land does not allow any construction that is higher than the tallest tree on the island.

The off shore oil rigs are perhaps seen as a symbol of the imbalance in nature created by man. However, the Houston-based architecture and design firm, Morris Architects reclaimed one of 4,000 oil rigs out in the Gulf of Mexico and transformed it into an eco-haven that is sustainable and using power from renewable sources. The Oil Rig Platform Resort and Spa concept won the Radical Innovation in Hospitality design competition back in 2009.


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