Simon Woodroffe Brings In A Futuristic Yotel With A Robotic Arm

The luxury hospitality industry has now finally been merged as one with technology with the introduction of an all new futuristic Yotel that has been designed and developed to provide the guests with the best of comfort and technology. This incredible Yotel from Simon Woodroffe, located at 10th Avenue and 41st Street in New York has been installed with a robotic arm that has been placed to check in the guests’ luggage neatly and of course in order. As per the design of the accommodation, the guests will be able to put their luggage on a slab from where the robotic arm will then place these bags into one of the 133 lockers available for storage. To avoid any confusion in regards to the baggage claims, the guests will be issued a bar-code sticker, which they would be needed to insert into an ID system to claim their bags.

Simon Woodroffe is not new to the incredible fusion of lifestyle and robotics, as this remarkable British entrepreneur first made use of robots in the year 1997 for his YO! Sushi restaurants. This phenomenal yotel that is slated for an official launch on June 1st, 2011 and will be composed of some 669 rooms and will be the fourth luxury hospitality offering from Mr. Woodroffe. The idea behind this tech-intensive yotel is to bring the people closer of realizing their futuristic dreams, where robots become the ‘handy-man’ for all day-to-day chores and activities. Apart from the hi-tech robotic arm, this one of a kind accommodation will also be featuring a touch-screen check-in counter. When this magnificent yotel opens its doors, guests will be able to get a room for as low as $149 a night (introductory price), while the most astounding element of the yotel is its conference room, where in the conference table can be flipped and turned into a billiard table.

Via New York Times


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