Siamun brings out a TV that pops out of your office desk!

Now there is no dearth of furniture and entertainment devices like TV for your home decor. They come in myriad shapes and colours and can be customized to match any kind of decor. But what about the office space? Even that problem is solved now. The Siamun Flat screen stand in the answer. It is a desk with drawers and oh yes, a TV! That is what makes it so special.

So the table is made of an impressive high pressure laminate that lasts long and has three top drawers and windows. The people at Siamun have cleverly combined a TV within this desk that comes out with a click on the remote. And its no ordinary TV. It is an amazing 52 inch LCD TV!

Now whenever you get fed up of all the office work, just put on the TV and relax for a while. The match is on, click and there is your TV in all its 52 inches of glory. What’s more is that you can enjoy a little drink from the mini bar that includes space for a bottle and a few glasses. All this also has also been placed inside this awesome desk. This Stand can also be used in your homes.

Via: PharaohMFG

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