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Shortomatic Offers Artistic Custom Broad Shorts

Going on a holiday and unable to find pair of shorts of your choice to wear on the beach?  Checkout Shortomatic and choose an artist and a design and get your own unique custom designed artistic broad shorts. These designs are cool and contemporary and moreover one can upload one’s own art and get it printed on the shorts.

We are lucky to be living in a time when we can actually watch technology change the way we dress, plan our travel, communicate and even think. Digital technology has revolutionized the world of fashion and now even end user can create a design or choose a design and get it printed. Shortomatic also offers a gallery of limited edition prints which are awesome. If you are aesthetically inclined do take look at the limited edition gallery and creative people can finally try a hand in designing, who knows it may open another career door.

Shortomatic shorts are priced at $99, they may seem slightly high end product but be assured of unlimited joy in creating or choosing an artistic design for your own shorts and getting it done so easily. You can brag about it to friends and make them envious too.

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