Scotland Brews Strongest Vodka till Date!

Scotland is creating records by distilling strongest of finest alcohols. After Scotland based different breweries launched the world’s strongest beer, gin and whiskey (which is still maturing) it was now the turn of Scottish vodka company Pincer which unveiled Pincer Shanghai Strength, with 88.8 percent proof it is the world’s strongest vodka.  It has been especially created with lucky number 8 for niche Chinese market.

Pincer Shanghai Strength has been slammed by many anti-alcohol campaigners.  It is ironical that Scotland itself faces alcohol related problems and it still doesn’t deter companies from brewing stronger alcohols. It is a fine art to be able to distil such strong stuff.  Pincer Shangai Strength has been created from  100% selected grain and the finest Scottish mountain water with the natural botanical extracts of  Milk Thistle and Wild Elderflower and comes for high price of £85. Limited numbers of classic packaged bottles in black and gold have been produced and fewer will be available in UK.

Alcoholism is one of the grave issues yet alcohol remains one of the most popular drinks all over the world. For true connoisseurs world’s strongest vodka is good news and this launch of vodka will be greeted with round of cheers.

Via News.Scotsman

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