Schuberth Helmet Created a Golden Helmet to Celebrate 20 Years of Schumacher’s Career

Breaking into the big league of Formula 1 race drivers is not easy at all. But sustaining oneself at the top for 20 years is an achievement which is even more difficult for anyone to replicate. Michael Schumacher, one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all times, participated in his first Formula 1 race twenty years ago. Schuberth Helmet, who are one of the largest producers of safety helmets with an annual output exceeding 1.5 million pieces, is celebrating the significant 20th anniversary by creating a special gold plated helmet for the racing legend.


In a career spanning twenty years Michael Schumacher has ended the season seven times as the winner. The anniversary was celebrated at the Grand Prix of Spa-Francorchamps on 28th August, 2011. Schumacher’s first ever Formula 1 race was held on August 25, 1991. It might surprise a lot of youngsters that at age 42 Schumacher is still able to race as an active driver on the big stage. Schuberth Helmet presented this gold-plated helmet to Schumacher on 25 August, 2011. Schumacher, on his part, acknowledged the gesture by wearing the golden helmet for a race in place of his traditional red one.

Schuberth GmbH’s relations with Schumacher go back to 2001. Schuberth CEO Marcel Lejeune was thankful that the partnership has proved to be very successful and that Schumacher was the most deserving recipient of the gilded helmet. The helmet manufacturer has produced a limited edition replica of the one created for the legendary driver. Twenty pieces have been made, each carrying the number of one of the years in Schumacher’s career. The helmet can be ordered online on the company’s website, though the price has not been declared as yet.

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