Sarasota Yacht Club Opens a New Boat Themed resort

Sarasota Yacht Club is a venerable institution of yacht lovers and has a history of more than 84 years. It has now completed a new resort like clubhouse that is located in the city of Sarasota in Florida.

It is a multi-purpose clubhouse that would surely revitalise the city’s waterfront scene. The club offers dining rooms and lounges overlooking Sarasota Bay, a pool and fitness centre, and a full-service employee team, and this would be at the core level interest of most club-goers.

The club provides a direct view of the Sarasota marina and in fact even the club is designed like a luxury yacht. Some of the other environmentally friendly features that come with the club as well are natural skylights, recycled materials, thick insulation and a highly efficient air-conditioning system.

It is not clear if the membership would be charged but it looks like it is going to be one hell of an event when the club finally begins to start seeing yacht loving crowd. It could be a great place to meet and discuss the future of yacht industry, and also the best deals that may be available for auctions. Yacht lovers in and around Florida now can heave a sigh of relief!

Via: Miami Herald

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