Safretti’s Double Vision Fire Place Comes with an LCD Screen

As winter approaches everybody would be busy shopping for warm clothes, heaters and related products. With that in mind, Safretti’s Double Vision Fire Place allows you to enjoy a relaxing evening and also watch movies with the much needed warmth of the fire during winter.

The house of Safretti has introduced the fireplace with LCD TV which is unique and beautifully designed. Jan Des Bouvrie Skloib has designed the ultra cool Helex I-Vision, the snazzy TV Drehturm, and the MCZ Scenario fireplace for Safretti. This amazing double vision eco-friendly fireplaces and LCD TV both complement each other, and both are essential in your living room. It accentuates the beauty of the modern home with a mirrored face. You could either choose black or white depending on what you prefer. The Double Vision fireplace is available in 47 inch or in 37 inch dimensions. The fireplace warms and lights up your room with beautiful ethanol flames.

So go ahead, and get prepared for the cold winter months ahead, and also be ready with a stock of movies, games and music to watch on the cool LCD TV. I am sure this winter is going to be a warm and fun period of time!

Via: trendir

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