Saddam Hussein’s Luxury Yacht to Go Up for Sale

The Ocean Breeze, which was a yacht that was in the possession of the dictator Saddam Hussein is now on sale. The super yacht also known as Basrah Breeze was a bone of contention between Iraq and Jordon. Now last year Iraq won the legal battle for the ownership of the yacht is at present in the Iraqi waters. For some time it was in France and then it was sent to Greece for renovation.

The director general of Iraqi Maritime Company revealed that after the yacht was repaired by the team of technicians, through the Suez Canal it sailed to UAE after certain procedures were completed to get the documents and licenses and from there it sailed back to Basra.

Now, Iraq is planning to sell the yacht, after its failed attempt to sell it for $ 30 million in 2008. The superyacht measures 270 feet and was introduced in 1981 with features such as bullet proof atrium, a large hall of seating for 200, luxury items like small theatre, a helipad, and operating theatre with two medical treatment centres. You could see even some gold fitting taps. We all know that dictators are crazy about gold!

Via: ITN

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