RYRA Studio Creates an Exceptional Ski Resort Design Inspired by Igloo

A new resort has come up near Shemshak in Iran. The Barin Sky Resort has been designed by RYRA Studio. It is a ski resort for those who love winter sports. The style and architecture are extraordinary and inventive. The design has been inspired by Igloos but the RYRA Studio has surpassed all their previous creation and their reputation will remain intact even if they don’t do any other work again. The architecture seems to merge seamlessly with nature and yet it has the most modern and contemporary look.

The interiors are amazingly beautiful. The architects and designers have not used any straight lines but curves to create rooms and even passages. Curved lines have been used to decorate the wall and roof. Undulating lines forming layers are accentuated by pure white walls and furnishings. Topographic layer has been used to create a domical shape. Every room of the resort conveys a sense of glacial design. The inspiration came from the snow-covered landscape of the surroundings and the fluid lines of the mountains.

There is adequate provision for natural light as the Igloo-like structure features skylights. The furniture have a contemporary design but merge well with the flow of lines in the rooms and walls. The structure and the interiors are predominantly white but there are splashes of color here and there that add to the style of the interiors. The dome-like structure of each room creates a stunning impression, while the layered walls remind skiers of the joy and fun waiting for them outside. The resort deserves a visit just to see it and experience it. It is so very different from anything else you have seen before.

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