Royal smoke: Kaiser Wilhelm II’s Silver Cigar Set up for a puff!

A silver cigar set that belongs to the last German emperor and King of Prussia could be yours for $ 85,000 and in case you do have a fancy for collecting some aristocratic memorabilia clad in rich history, then this one is just for you. What more, this one is actually a travelling cigar set, which means that it is ready to be showcased wherever you go across the globe, without having to worry about the fuss of careful packing. Leather carrying case made in 1885 for Kaiser Wilhelm II is presently being offered for sale by London’s Pullman Gallery.

With the case holding four matching sterling silver cigar boxes, a giant matchbox holder and a set of 10 monogrammed cigar holders, the Silver Set is more than worth all the dough that you dish out for it. Every piece of cigar in the set sports gold and red-enameled ‘W’ with the Royal Prussian crown on the lid, and the cover of each box is also engraved inside with the signature Victoria.

While its usage and actual history is not yet known in full, you could still be the proud owner of a cigar set specially made for the last German ruler who plunged his country into the First World War and laid the seeds out for the second… Not so appealing now, is it?

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