Royal Cornwall Yacht Club and Ponta Delgada to Launch the AZAB

A really popular boat race will be conducted by an organisation called “The AZAB”. The partnership of the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club with Ponta Delgada,and the Clube Naval, is eagerly waiting to host the four yearly race to be conducted, on 4th June 2011. The racing yachts have already arrived in Falmouth, where a lot of preparation is going on, as they near the commencing of the Ocean Yacht Race of the year. The boat race competition, with a duration of 45 days, should cover 2500 miles. There are will be 60 boats race.

Some yachts will be single-handedly managed; others will be raced by teams. Sailors from 10 countries are taking part in the challenge. A large number of yachts are involved in this exciting event. Number of participants would be drawn to have fun on the shore and on the water. The whole summer is committed to the race. There would be a great warm welcome to crews, guests and owners on the board where sailors from different parts of the countries who have gathered to be a part of the challenge. Some of them manage the race alone and others manage the yacht by teams. Now you could watch the highlights of the race, and watch some yachts of competitors.

Since 1975 the race has been conducted every four year once. Majority of the yachts reach the Azores between seven to ten days. After relaxation they would refuel their boats to sail back to Falmouth. The 10th race of AZAB will start from Falmouth on Saturday at 1300 BST.

Via: BBC

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