Rotel: Where the Bus Is Your Hotel and Tourist Guide

50-year-old German company Rotel Tours have launched the “Rotel”, which is a bus that also functions as a hotel and a tourist guide. It would take you to the off-beaten paths and let you experience the joys of sleeping under the stars in relative comfort.

This is meant for budget conscious travellers who do not like to “rough it” too much. Each of these buses can carry 20-40 people and the bus can be downsized or upsized depending on the number of travellers.

It comes with 3,400 beds in all in the fleet of their buses. The buses are luxurious custom-modified Mercedes 0404. You could choose to travel in Africa, Europe and Asia since they have their operations in all the 3 continents. Sometimes, you could also stay over in luxurious hotels and lodges, if you so wish.

It is not clear yet if they would offer these Rotel services in South America, though there is such a plan and they do not that people like to do such Rotel kinda tours in Patagonia or elsewhere. You could experience the real and true nature of a country without leaving the comfort of the bus. However, it is not clear what you must do if you dislike or hate your fellow travellers in the middle of the trip.

Via: gizmag

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