Ritz Carlton Takes Luxury To New Heights With The All New ‘The Royal Suite’

Ritz Carlton, one of the foremost names in the hospitality industry offering its guests with bespoke stay packages and luxury concierge services, has now expanded the realm of luxury to greater heights, as this magnificent hotel establishments has announced the opening of the all new, The Royal Suite at the Ritz-Carlton, Grande Lakes Orlando. Leaving behind the impact of the Presidential Suite, the Royal Suite, will offer its guests luxury and service beyond measure and bathe them in the most exquisite royal treatment.

The incredibly lavish Royal Suite is being hailed as the biggest suite in any Ritz-Carlton hotel as well as in Central Florida, occupying a total of 4,293 square feet. The idea behind the creation of the Royal Suite was provide ample space and all the amenities to high profile international guests such as various royal families, much of whom hail from the Middle East. The Royal Suite comes with a dining room that can accommodate up to ten people and suite also features a service kitchen, that is equipped with a refrigerator, wine storage, microwave and dishwasher. The master bedroom comes with toilet and a separate bidet, while the double/double  room of this exquisite suite has been given a TOTO toilet with an integrated bidet and remote control system.

To make the stay all the more exciting in the Royal Suite at Ritz Carlton, Grande Lakes Orlando, the suite has been outfitted with a 60-inch wall-mounted HD plasma television, Blu-ray player and iPod interface. Ensuring complete privacy, the entire suit has been made sound proof. The Royal Suite is the result of a $30 million renovation project carried out by the hotel management. So far, this incredible suite has already been sold twice, while carrying a price tag of a staggering $10,000 a night.

According to Karen Englund (Director, Sales & Marketing, Ritz Carlton),

“The consumer is not stupid. They’re shopping hotels. If it’s too expensive they won’t look at us. If we are competitive in the set they are looking at, they do. Everyone has learned a lesson over the past few years. It’s not all pretty gardens and fluffy pillows. It’s the service and the amenities. That’s the value that we provide.”


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