Ride on the ground and fly in the air with ‘Terrafugia Transition’- The first FAA approved flying car

It’s just going to be while that we will see flying cars. FAA has granted its approval to the Terrafugia Transition that is a rodable aircraft venture from a group of MIT alums.

Requiring only 20 hours of flying time to get a proper license, this 1,440 pound flying car can fly under light sport designation. The car can reach a top speed of 115 mph with a range of 460 miles in the air. Although the car is hefty by 120 lb under the ‘light sport’ designation, the FAA had still exempted it.

The car is as happy in the air as on ground and has been designed viably. It comes loaded with all the safely goodies like airbags and crumple zones come standard. It is a two-seater auto hybrid that can fold its wings when on the ground and is 19 feet long in folded mode.

If the weather turns sunny and the skies grow clear; the ‘Transition’ can lower its wings, fire up the rear-mounted propeller and take to the air. Requiring only an air strip of 1/3 of a mile, it can comfortably fit in any garage with wings folded. As expected the car costs a whopping $194,000 and the first customer delivery is expected by 2011.

via autoblog/tgdaily

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