Riccardo Marini to Be the New CEO of Rolex Watches

Corporate gossips are not limited to your company’s cabins. They run amok even in the high end companies like Rolex. In fact, these rumours and gossips can wreak havoc on a person’s character and even malign him or her. This time around, it was recently announced that Bruno Meier would leave Rolex as the CEO and would be succeeded by Riccardo Marini. Marini was previously heading Rolex Italia.

There could be some internal differences due to which the guy must have left Rolex. The authorities at the company are tight lipped for obvious reasons and this should not matter to us customers anyway. Rolex has been one of the most profitable and ancient watch companies and it signifies luxury like no other. Whoever becomes the CEO of Rolex would know that it is a huge responsibility to shoulder would be well prepared for such a task. Rolex is planning to diversify into reasons that are previously not markets of Rolex. They might start selling high end watches in third world countries like India, China and Russia.

While this would excite the rich people of these countries, it might also affect the brand name of Rolex, which is associated with luxury and not socialism and poverty. You could also read about the article we wrote on Rolex’s 50th Anniversary and also read about how Luxury Brands are embracing digital technology. So go ahead, and try to observe what is going to happen with teh world’s most luxurious company when it comes to watches and luxury timepieces.

Via: NY Times

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