Revered Italian Restaurant Vivere Celebrates 20 Years Of Impeccable Service

One of the most famous and preferred Italian restaurants in Chicago, Vivere, is celebrating 20 years of impeccable and dominant service in the restaurant and hospitality industry. The Vivere restaurant is well renowned for its beyond reproach service, enticing and eclectic cuisines and the best wine cellar throughout Chicago. Vivere’s world famous wine cellar holds some of the best wine bottles in the world, wide a huge collection of over 45,000 bottles and 2,000 different selections of wines.

The Vivere restaurant was created by Alfredo and Gina Capitanini who have been known for their vast chains of high end Italian restaurants, spread all across Chicago, including the 83 year old The Village and the 56 year old La Cantina Chop House. The Vivere already received Best New Restaurants award from Wine Spectator and Esquire and the restaurant has been recognized by Wine Spectator each year of the 20 years of the restaurant’s operational history.

The city of Chicago loves the Vivere and has bestowed the restaurant with some of the most prestigious titles, including Best Italian, Most Romantic, Power Lunch Spot, Best Wine List etc. With the immense popularity of the Vivere, the restaurant has also been able to gain the attention of some of the most respected media journals as well, such as, he Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Restaurants and Intuitions, and the New York Times.

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