Relaxation Galore: Best 5 Luxurious Spas to touch your mind and soul

“Acquire inner peace and a multitude will find their salvation near you.”  When I think about these beautiful words by Catherine de Hueck Doherty, I think about the bliss that I always chose to gain… How many times have you chosen that option over the fast paced hectic life that you most often choose to live in. With the tremendous amount of pressure at work, heat, strenuous lifestyle, how many times have you wanted bliss that will rid you of your woe some ways of everyday life?

How do you beat the heat? How do you de-stress? Well, one of the easiest ways for me is hitting the spa and relaxing in lucidious reigns of blissful dreams while an expert masseus tends to your muscles till you reach heights of utmost pleasure of your mind and your soul.

Strangely enough there are spas around us, dime a dozen… So how do you choose between the regular spas and the ones that you always wanted to go to especially for their unique nature and their renowned techniques? You might have been an avid traveller across the world and certainly been to spas that have had the treatment that you won’t forget for decades… But have you really been to the most unique spas of the world offering luxury in true sense ?

Well, I’m going to give you an opportunity to know about the world’s most unique and interesting spas. Not just for it’s popularity but also for the most amazing and unique techniques that give you an experience of a completely different league.

Take a quick look at our luxurious spas list:

Ikona Spa, Japan

The Japanese certainly have had their own mystical aura about a lot of things. With the power of their mystique and traditions, this spa promises to take you back in time… The elegance of this place is uniquely known for it’s traditional ambience and certainly an experience that you will cherish for a long while. While being just three hours away from Tokyo, reminiscing just one thing would be very difficult for all who have a session here… It’s also known as a sleepy spa town of Shimogamo in Shizuka. The best part about this spa is that it takes you close to the old Japan and you will get the best treatment with pampering that you will enjoy.

The Dorchester Spa, London

From the far east let me take you now, to the chill and the spill of London…A lot of you might be staying in London or have been there a few times    , for those who haven’t checked this one out, you have to make sure you visit this spa at least once in your lifetime. Truly deserves to be a spot of admiration in my books. Yes, I’m talking about the ‘Dorchester Hotel Spa.’ This is a place that is located in Park Lane’s well known landmark hotels. Such pampering this place offers that you’d easily close your eyes and step into their spa… What’s more they have recently refurbished the spa and it gives so much attention to detail that you would just relish each and every moment there.
Very vast, designed in an art-deco style with vintage settings and beautiful interiors especially the chandeliers that will make you feel the bliss in the literal sense. There are nine treatment rooms with face and body treatment for men and women.

Strawberry Hill, Jamaica—Luxury Mountain Spa

Many of you visit the Caribbean’s and some a lot of you would choose to go there to bask in its sunshine… Certainly, besides the sunbathing and the mohitos, this place has a lot more relaxation than you can suffice yourself with. It’s in this magnanimous land I found a perfect spot that is a little different from your regular spas across the beaches… Somewhere you can get away from the buzz and immerse yourself in your solitude at great heights of this beautiful spa located 3100 feet above the Caribbean in the Blue Mountains. Strawberry Hill is located 3,100 feet above the Caribbean in the Blue Mountains. Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, acquired Strawberry Hill as a private residence in 1972. This place has later turned organically to a hotel and spa. The Rolling Stones and Bob Marley have been guests in this paradise. There are 12 cottages (1-2 bedroom suites) that are truly symbolic of 19th century architecture. White wood with great exteriors, and  dark mahogany four-poster beds draped in muslin are the best when you are resting there. The location is stunning. As you see a huge pool appears to run off the edge of the mountain and the Caribbean’s first full service Aveda Concept spa truly full of rejuvenation.

Ananda Spa, India

Based in the calm location on a ridge 3,500 feet up in the Himalayan foothills, this place is covered with the thickest of Sal forest. Along with that it also has really great views that will blow you away. Mountains and the Ganges valley, the restful Ananda provides healing treatments on the basis of ancient ayurvedic learnings and Yoga. Built around a majestic 100-acre palace estate, it’s captivating both by its chronological past as well as by the charisma of its natural environment and propinquity to the banks of the magical River Ganges. The amiable doorway gives the sentiment of being welcomed into one of India’s old imperial homes, rather than into a modern-day luxury spa with world-class facilities.

Ananda is committed to assisting its guests achieve or rediscover complete well-being and harmony through ancient Indian principles of understanding the balance of nature. Personalised therapies and activity programmes are made to meet individual needs and health goals, and include guidance in the areas of nutrition, exercise, stress management, detoxification, deep relaxation and anti-ageing. Grounded in Ayurveda and Yoga, yet blending with them the best of Western and Asian contemporary spa therapies, Ananda’s goal is to promote a holistic approach to life, based on the integration of the elements of nature to create the ultimate union of mind, body and soul.

Chiang Mai Spa (Four Seasons Resort), Thailand

Now, when I talk about spas and if I don’t mention Thailand, then I’m pretty sure you’d be wondering what I’m really writing about? Well, not any more… Yes, of course, I’m not going to miss out on sharing one of the most amazing spas in Thailand. You guessed it right. The Chaing Mai of the Four Seasons Resort is not just known for its spas but also has been selected as the “World’s Best Spa” by Conde Nast Traveler.  This beautiful place helps you unwind to your fullest and get your youthfulness back. Within the walls and beautiful location of this mystical spa, its truly one of the best feelings that you can get. Inspired by ancient Thai rituals, the treatments offered at Chiang Mai are , but of course unique. The “Shirodhara” is a restorative treatment where your “Third eye” is poured with sensual oil to balance the mind and body. Besides that there are other treatments not just for your body mind and soul but to give your hair a royal treatment too… A place of this proportion, you would never want to get out of…

Well, these were some of the most exotic spas that I wanted to showcase to you. What is important for you to remember is to let yourself go and lay back to enjoy the sensations to rejoice your wellness and feel great about every part of your body.

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Relaxation Galore: Best 5 Luxurious Spas to touch your mind and soul

“Acquire inner peace and a multitude will find their salvation near you.” ...
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