Recreational Island is a Foldable Platform that gives you Additional Space on Water

There have been many experiments and concepts developed for really large yachts or even islands that could be moved from one place to another on water. We have been reporting on such projects including the Project Utopia Island and Streets of Monaco Superyacht. The desire to have a larger space on the water keeps driving the designers to come up with new ideas. The latest in the series is an extremely functional Recreational Island. It is basically a concept at this stage but has the potential to be produced for use by different set users.

The concept has been developed by Henry Ward Design and executed by BMT Nigel Gee of BMT group. The collaborative effort has resulted in a very functional Recreational Island. When fully deployed, the island will measure 10mx8m and will serve as a floating platform that can be used as a recreational space for dining as well as relaxing. The best part about this concept is that when unfolded it will become an extension of the yacht and provide the extra space for a specific use and can be folded and stored in a large yacht when it is not required.

The island will require tender cranes to be installed in the yacht to deploy the platform. The platform should be very useful as a portable helipad. The concept can be put to good use by the military as well as the hotel industry. Henry Ward the designer explained that he wanted to develop an innovative super yacht accessory. He is confident that the Recreational Island will allow you to create memorable experiences on the water. The foldable platform need not always be attached to a yacht but can be adapted for corporate hospitality, event management and even military purposes.

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