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Recline in complete comfort: Panasonic Real Pro Massage Chair

Modern lifestyle is such that most end up spending more time sitting in front of some gadget for hours together whether it is for the sake of work or even entertainment. No matter what your field of work is, at the end of a long day at office we all crave for a relaxing dip and a soothing massage, if possible. Panasonic has now brought that professional massage experience into your very own living room. The all new Real Pro Massage Chair from Panasonic does indeed offer you all that you get from a trip to the nearest Massage center without the fuss of actually booking an appointment and getting there.

The chair actually brings together several massage techniques from across the planet to give you the very best. Sporting a unique trunk rotation and pelvic tilt function that combines a large seat airbag with a smaller one to grasp and gently twist the seat and thigh area the chair helps soothe your aching back. The Junetsu massage technique that uses one-second circular thumb movements will also ensure quick and complete relief from stress.

The chair also has incorporated Swedish massage, deep tissue kneading, and Shiatsu massage, an intensity control sensor to keep the pinching at bay, automatic recline, lower body massage and all this comes at a cost of $ 5,500. A very small price to pay for all that senses soothing comfort…

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