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Ralph Lauren Creates a Sporting Watch Inspired by his Bugatti

The designs created by Ralph Lauren have always been appreciated for their finesse, sophistication and detail. No doubt, he is considered one of the most accomplished fashion designers of our times. He has created a whole range of products apart from clothes. Ralph is also known for his car collection. Over the years he has built up his collection with some rare and exceedingly valuable automobile from around the world.

One of the gems of his collection is the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic and it has inspired Ralph Lauren to create the timepiece you see in the picture above. The American icon of style has created this watch after the interior of the Atlantic, with an elm burl wood ring emulating the car’s dashboard, galvanized matte black dial with white Arabic numerals like the Bugatti’s gauges, and visible screws around the case front recalling the rivets along the Atlantic’s spine.

The similarity with Bugatti doesn’t end here. Even on the inside it has the best that technology has to offer. The movement of the watch is crafted by the Richemont group who supply it for the best watch makers in the world. No wonder the watch with a 45 hour power reserve comes at a price of $13,200.

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