Private Jet Flies Poodle To Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

How often do you get to fly away on a private jet? How would you feel if I told you that a contestant travelled by private jet to attend a beauty pageant? How would you feel if you found out that the contestant in question was not a pretty girl, but a beautiful thorough-bred poodle?

It certainly gets to me, that man’s best friend could take the private jet way out while man lugs his luggage to the airport, stood at never-ending security check lines and spent the next several hours sandwiched between a talkative man and a fidgety teen. It bothers me that the poodle and its entourage were comfortably flown in to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show while the rest of us trudged on with our non-beauty queen lives.

Having said that, maybe high-maintenance beauty queens need the royal treatment. They cannot possibly afford to have a bad hair day, for instance. The poodle in question is one Inge, the second ranked standard poodle in the US in terms of breed points. Owned by Arvid and Holly Sundbeck, the poodle was invited to participate in the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. That is a pretty big deal for a dog that is used to winning dog shows.

And why shouldn’t she make use of a private jet? Apparently, it takes several hours for her to get her look right. It is bound to be tiring. So I expect, Inge and her owners jumped to accept when Arvid’s brother offered to fly the team to the dog show on his private jet. Clearly, every dog has its day.

Via: Reuters

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