Privacy, a luxury yacht Tiger Woods gave to his Ex-Wife as Wedding Gift is on the Market for $25 Million

Tiger Woods private life and professional career has gone through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But they have both stabilized somewhat. He has sorted out his personal life as much as was possible under the circumstances and is working hard on his golf to regain the position he enjoyed. He is now selling his yacht “Privacy,” the luxury ship that he originally purchased as a wedding present for his ex -wife. He is looking for a broker or an agency who can handle the sale for him.

According to the report in the his yacht Privacy costs a substantial $2 million to maintain over the year. Ellen, his wife, returned the yacht to her ex-husband as she thought the annual cost of the upkeep was rather high. In fact Tiger had offered it as a part of his divorce settlement but she declined to accept it. Tiger has been seen recently on Privacy, enjoying some quality time with Alyse Lahti Johnson, his love interest of the moment.

Privacy had cost $20 million when Tiger had purchased it. He is hoping to get a price in the region of $25 million now. The yacht has been put in dry dock to get it back in perfect shape before offering it to a potential buyer. Privacy will take away from Tiger another pleasant memory of his previous marriage. There are many Tiger Woods’ memories attached to the luxury yacht. Tiger Woods however is focused on his golf and his Connecticut fans are hoping he will participate in The Travelers Championship to be held this June in Cromwell, Connecticut.


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