Prince William’s Wedding To Be Served With The All New ‘Prince William Champagne’ From Halewood International

One of the most anticipated events of the year 2011, the royal wedding of Prince Williams of U.K and Catherine Middleton, that is scheduled for April 29th, 2011, has now been given an exquisite taste with the introduction of an all new delicious champagne in the form of ‘Prince William Champagne’. This incredible new champagne has been created by Halewood International, as a commemoration to the royal wedding and will be sold on a limited edition basis. The all new Prince William Champagne will be sold under the company’s trademark ‘Prince William‘ and ‘Royal Wedding’ banners.

The Prince William brand from Halewood International has been known through-out the world for its exquisite taste is one of the most exquisite champagnes for over 20 years, while the company has made it its tradition to sell this premium champagne to only a handful of selected retail customers. However, in light of the upcoming Royal Wedding, Halewood has decided to open its exclusive Prince Williams range to the masses and has thus come out with the all new Prince William Champagne. This all new champagne will be available with a price tag of $39.48 per bottle.

Via The Publican

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