Presenting The All New VARIO 1150 SH Motorhome With Parking Space For BMW Mini

Motorhomes, as such wouldn’t have excited us, as there are too many around the globe for us to pay much attention to. However, we couldn’t help write about the all new VARIO Perfect 1150 SH motorhome, that has not only splendid looks, but this one of a kind motorhome comes with a special space, reserved especially for your BMW Mini, in the form of a ramp modeled retractable garage. The all new VARIO Perfect 1150 SH motorhome has been designed developed by VARIOmobil, a name that is synonymous with luxury on wheels.

The all new VARIO Perfect 1150 SH motorhome has been designed and developed to provide the buyers with a perfect combination of luxury and space, along with the most basic necessities that are required to carry on a house on wheels. VARIOmobil is presenting the buyers with two options for the 1150 SH, wherein the customers can either opt for a model that comes with car garage for vehicles the size of a BMW Mini cabriolet or customers can even choose another variant, that provides a slide out in the living room and the bedroom for more space. The VARIO Perfect 1150 SH motorhome, comes with some of the coolest state of the art systems, such as automatic transmission, full air suspension, remote controlled car garage and retractable bedroom and living room bay windows. The all new VARIO Perfect 1150 SH motorhome is available for purchase with a price tag of a whopping $ 662,844.

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