Porsche, Lexus & Ford Claim The Top Spot For The 2010 Brand Image Awards

In this highly competitive and ever expanding commercial lifestyle, no matter how good tour product is, unless you have a brand image that can entice the consumers to come to you, till then your business is as good as dead in the water. Especially when it come to the international automotive industry, the brand image plays an extremely crucial role in the sales and the popularity of any brand, be it Mercedes, Ferrari or Acura.

As per the 2010 Brand Image Awards organized by Kelley Blue Book, some of the biggest names in the automobile industry such as Porsche, Lexus and Fords are said to have the best brand images in front of the consumers. All three major auto manufacturers grabbed the Best Image Award for their capability to reach out to the consumers and interact with them in regards to features and benefits of cars launched by each of the brands.

Porsche maintained the lead at the prestigious awards ceremony, as the luxury sports car manufacturer claimed three of the top most titles of Best Performance Brand, Coolest Brand and Best Exterior Design Brand – Luxury. Next in line was Ford Motors, grabbing two awards for the categories of Most Rugged Truck Brand and Most Family-Friendly Brand. Then came in Lexus, which is world renowned for its luxury sedans an claimed two awards for Best Comfort Brand and Best Interior Design Brand. Some other big names also claimed awards for the luxury categories including, Chevrolet for Best Exterior Design Brand – Non-Luxury and Mercedes-Benz for Best Prestige Brand.

According to James Bell (Executive Market Analyst, Kelly Blue Book),

“Much too often, brands take a ‘shotgun’ approach and offer several different marketing messages over time rather than focusing on the one or two that best resonate with the audience. The Brand Image Awards, chosen by in-market car buyers, honor the brands that were successful in communicating a cohesive message across their vehicles and raising the profile of their overall brand image.”

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