Pink Diamond Fetches Record $46.16 million at Sotheby’s

In a landmark event, a unique and sparkling rare pink diamond has broken all the price records. This rectangular cut stone in rounded corners appeared in the market at an auction, and one must remember that there is a great fascination for the diamonds in Asia and the Middle East.

Strangely, the rare pink, pinball-sized gem of 24.78 carat was purchased by Laurence Graff, a British diamond trader who wants the gem to be called in future as ‘The Graff pink.’ Graff revealed that he is greatly pleased to buy it for $46.16 million. The purchase took place on Tuesday in an auction on at Sotheby’s in Geneva.

David Bennett, the head of the Sotheby’s jewellery division remarked humorously that extraordinary objects fetch extraordinary prices. The gem is of top grading set in a platinum ring. The rare gem belonged to Harry Winston’s private collection which he purchased about 60 years ago, and it had not entered the market until Graff bid the gem over the telephone.

David Bennett remarked that for a jewel sold at an auction, it‘s price is world record. The same person had bought the Wittelsbach diamond in a former auction which was till then known to be the most expensive jewel in the world. So including with pink diamond, he possesses two of the world’s most valuable stones.

Via: SMH

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