Pianos with a ‘Marilyn Monroe’ touch

Marilyn Monroe is a name that stands for elegance, boldness, and shiny blonde hair. This has been understood very well by the makers of this historic piano. Laura De Nadia tries to compile these indispensable adjectives of Marilyn’s Personality with Pianos.

Laura De Nadai having being born in the year 1975, an era in which each fashion statement was dictated by Marilyn Monroe, has a strong affinity for the legendary fashionista and she makes it very evident in this piece of work.

This piano has myriads of Swarovski crystals to match the sheen of Marilyn’s picture. The opulence of the Swarovski crystals do justice to the hand painted image of the glamour queen and add shine to it. The intricate designs on the legs of this wonder piece will make you hold your breath and remind you of the Hollywood’s glorious medieval period.

The ostrich feathers which cover the legs of this piano are genuine and they make this musical instrument look like a fairy descended from heaven, right away! Who knows that this could be the idea of it all! All in all, this piano exudes the immortal class of Marilyn Monroe and will surely become a pianist’s muse.

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