Philippe Starck Creates His Magic Again With The All New Tofinou 12 Luxury Yacht

Philippe Starck, a name that resounds with gorgeous designs and stunning luxury has created his magic yet again, as this prolific designer has now been hired by Latitude 46, to be the one who would design the all new Tofinou 12 luxury yacht. The Tofinou 12 is a marvel of engineering and epitomizes luxury over the high seas. Mr. Starck has applied his famous love for art and ingenuity into the creation of this luxurious yacht, that is set to be unveiled at the 2010 Paris Boat Show. The Tofinou 12 luxury yacht is an elegant mix of shiny stainless steel pieces as well as elegant and exquisite wood & leather.

The all new Tofinou 12’s salon room has now been turned into the ultimate comfort zone, with exquisite leather covering the entire room from the floor to the roofs, along with curved seating and large cushions. To further enhance the glory of the salon of this gorgeous boat, Philippe Starck has created leather storage pockets that have been further customized by Goyard and the room itself consists of painted oval table and a stainless steel mast support. The exterior of the yacht also depicts extreme levels of luxury with carbon wheels, that have been given an extra coating of silver grey and covered entirely in leather.

According to Mr. Starck,

“A Tofinou doesn’t exist. It’s just a dream, an evocation, a breeze, a sigh of happiness. So little materiality, so elegant. The perfect quality and timelessness of Tofinou born within the natural intelligence of the relationship between the sea and man. A dream.”

Via Meade Design Group


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