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Philip Stein Wine Wands: Making your wine magical in a matter of minutes!

Sometimes people will have you believe that they can create magic out of anything and it seems somehow that Philip Stein is one of those. Apparently Philip Stein is well known for using naturally occurring frequencies to enhance luxury products and that means using some sorts of technology that seems both far-fetched and somehow illogical to make your luxury product a lot more comfortable and cool! So how these natural frequencies work in a crystal is beyond most, but now this ‘pomp from air’ is being used to make your wine taste awesome in matter of minutes!

So in case you just cannot wait for the wine to breath and reach its optimal flavors and aroma, then the Wine wands will get the wine there in matter of minutes. This is a process that will supposedly happen after you open the bottle and with the wine wands at hand you can just wave your way to that perfect intoxicating feeling.

The wands look real attractive, but if they really work is a question that only can be answered once you use them. Being a tad bit skeptical, we are tempted to believe otherwise. One way or other, it would surely become great talking point!

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