Passion for Art Leads COO of Daily Candy to Launch Artspace

Artspace is the latest startup to be launched in the space of art. It is a treasure house of relevant information on art that helps to educate you about art and members have access to a private sale of carefully curated art works. Artspace has been cofounded by Catherine Levene, a former COO and general Manager of Daily Candy, and her business partner Chris Vroom. Her company was sold out and subsequently she took a year off travel around the world.

Catherine stayed in Madrid for some time where she got the opportunity to study art history. Her inherent passion for art got the better of her and she launched Artspace with a funding of $1.2 million. The site basically has two major sections. The archive of work has been arranged in such a way that it offers you the opportunity to learn a lot about art. The other section is for the sale of the art work. Catherine’s partner Vroom has the experience of two other art related startups behind him. He said that their aim is to help people learn about art and collect it.

The founders of Artspace are backed by six full time employees, including art curators in Europe and Brazil. There are several investors who helped fund the project under the leadership of Bob Pittman. The new enterprise aims to support artists, art institutions, and nonprofit organizations. The founders will take a fixed cut from all the sales. The rest of the revenue will be channelized for these purposes. The site will feature the best from handpicked contemporary artists and will take up activities in partnership with galleries like The Guggenheim.

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