Paris Hilton Launches New Shoe Line in Istanbul

If you have ever read ‘The Damned Yard’ by Ivo Andric, you would know what it felt like to live in Stamboul, or Istanbul as it is known today. The city was one of the largest at its tie, and it continues to be. What is different is that the minarets and narrow by lanes no longer are filled with stench and criminals, but are dotted with fashionable boutiques that tell you that Istanbul could be the next fashion capital of Europe.

This time around, to make that pretty clear, Paris Hilton is going to launch her new shoe line. She landed at the Atatürk Airport at about 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday. After arriving in Istanbul, she could not stop praising the city for its beauty and its hipness. By the way, Istanbul is known for its nightclubs where you would not want to be seen without wearing some of the best shoes ever. If Paris gets her way, we could see some of the best dressed people in Turkey wearing her shoes.

She was at a press conference at the W Hotel in Istanbul, and visited the Istinye Park, which is a luxury mall in the heart of Stanboul (the way I like to call it). She visited teh Istinye Park Divaresse Store where her shoes are being sold. After Istanbul, she would head to Bombay (Mumbai) in India, where she would introduce her line of shoes, handbags and accessories. She would also travel to the Philippines, Bahrain and Malaysia, in her latest leg of Asian tour.




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