Palace on Wheels to Offer Wi-Fi and Spa Services

Palace on Wheels is a luxury train that runs in the South Asian country of India. While you may think that it is a land of snake charmers and strange holymen, it also has pockets of civilization where luxury oriented businesses strive hard to attract the international tourists. Palace on Wheels runs from Rajasthan to Agra every Wednesday and it is a 7 night and 8 day tour which would cost you a bomb.

In return, you could experience how the Indian kings used to live in the middle ages, and how they defined luxury. While it may not be quite apt to the idea of luxury as we know it, it could be an interesting way to learn how South Asian people defined luxury during the middle ages. The trip comes with Indian cuisine and Indian liquor, and you would also be able to use Wi-Fi from the next season.

This means, for the 8 days that you are on board the Palace on Wheels, you could browse away and keep telling your friends how the experience was. When you are tired, you could go ahead and enjoy at the Spa, which also is going to be available from the next season. The spa however is not free like Wi-Fi and you would have to pay another bomb to use that.


Via: Economic times

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